GSP #50 Black Panther/Planet Comicon 2018!

February 24, 2018

Daniel and Joe review Black Panther and talk about the amazing Planet Comicon in Kansas City.


GSP #49 Forget Raymond, Everybody Loves Lobo

February 13, 2018

Daniel and Joe discuss Michael Bay possibly directing the Lobo movie.  Nightwing casting rumors and several new movie trailers are reviewed and the guys discuss the upcoming Black Panther movie and Planetcomicon in Kansas City.


GSP #48 Scott Snyder’s got a new office…the JL watchtower???

January 29, 2018

Daniel and Joe discuss some of the current news regarding upcoming JL comic changes.  Review of the first episode of Black Lightning as well as touching on several different comics the guys are reading including Doomsday Clock, Thanos, Nightwing the New Order and more.


GSP #47 Avengers vs Mary Poppins?

January 6, 2018

Daniel and Joe take a look back at the movie highlights of 2017 and list their favorite superhero movies as well as some of their favorite non-superhero movies.  The guys also look ahead at 2018 and talk about what movies they are most excited about.


GSP #46 Mister Miracle and More

December 30, 2017

Daniel and Joe talk about the various limited comic series from DC in 2017 including:  Mister Miracle, Doomsday Clock, Nighwing New Order, Dark Nights Metal and more.  Preview for upcoming episode: Look back at 2017 movies and look ahead at 2018 movie line-up.


GSP #45 The Last Jedi Review

December 21, 2017

Daniel and Joe review Star Wars The Last Jedi as well as discuss Disney's purchase of Twentieth Century Fox.  The guys also tease next episode's covering of DC's many limited series going on right now, including Dark Nights Metal.


GSP #44 Justice League Review!

November 22, 2017

Daniel and Joe give their thoughts on the Justice League and touch on the Punisher and some comic news.


GSP #43 Thor Ragnarok and Roll!

November 7, 2017

Daniel and Joe give their reviews of Thor Ragnarok and and the upcoming Justice League movie.  The guys are going to Kansas city comic con and discuss some of the creators they will be meeting, as well as touching on Dark Nights Metal.


GSP #42 Trailers and comics

October 15, 2017

Daniel and Joe talk about the latest Justice League and Star Wars trailers.  They recap the latest in superhero TV and FINALLY get around to talking about comics again, including Dark Nights Metal, Marvel Legacy and more.


GSP #41 Movies and more movies…Also the 90’s were the best

October 7, 2017

Daniel and Joe discuss the movies that have come out this year and how much money they've made- Daniel is mad that Joe is right about Beauty and the Beast being #1.  Upcoming movies are also discussed and the guys reminisce about how great the 1990's were.